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How do I begin the process of getting tattooed by Angie Leaf?

The best way to initiate the process of getting work done is to arrange a consultation. When you come in for your consultation, bring a cash deposit with you along with any references that you might have. The amount of the deposit will depend on the amount of work to be done. Back pieces and sleeves run a minimum of $100 for the initial deposit. Please understand that we will not duplicate someone else's tattoo for you. Rather, we are interested in designing a custom piece for you that reflects your own individuality. Please be advised that there is a significant wait to get on the calendar. There is about a 6 month wait between the consultation time and the tattoo appointment. If you are in the process of getting a large piece, your appointments will be scheduled about once a month until the project is complete.


What are the shop hours?

Standard shop hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 12 noon to 6 pm. We do have an extensive travel schedule, so if we are not present during those hours at the time of your visit, please try again at a later date. We would like to work with you, we just may be out of town. If you require more immediate assistance, feel free to email us using the "Contact" link.


What type of documentation is required?

A government issued identification card is required for all clients. Examples of this include a state issued ID card, driver's license or passport. If you are a minor, school IDs are NOT accepted, as they do not meet the identification guidelines set forth by the SNHD (Southern Nevada Health District) .


How old do I have to be to get work done?

We do not work on anyone under 16 years of age. If you are a minor between the ages of 16 and 18, it is required that you are accompanied by your legal guardian, who must also present a government issued ID. The last names on both IDs need to match, or else additional documentation (such as a birth certificate) is required to prove the relationship, as per the SNHD. Please also be advised that according to the SNHD health guidelines, children under 14 year of age are not permitted in the shop. Please arrange for their childcare prior to your appointment.

What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please give us the courtesy of letting us know at least 48 hours ahead of time, if possible. We do understand that occasionally emergencies do come up, however, if you "no call/no show", your deposit will be forfeited along with any subsequent appointments in future months. In order to reschedule after a "no call/no show", you will have to leave a minimum deposit of $100 before being given new appointment dates. It's easy to avoid this by either making a phone call or sending an email. Please just let us know in advance that you need to cancel!! Thank you!


What is the best way to prepare to get a tattoo?

The best preparation for getting a new tattoo is to eat well before coming into the shop, drink a lot of water, and get as much sleep as possible the night before your appointment. Dress comfortably, wearing clothing that is loose fitting and well- thought-out, so that the area to be tattooed is readily accessible. Bring bottled water or your beverage of choice with you, along with a fully charged cell phone and headphones so that you can listen to your own music or play on your phone if you find the distraction beneficial.


What type of payments are accepted at the shop?

We prefer cash, but we also accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please be advised that we do charge an additional $5 processing fee to run a credit card transaction.


Do you do dermals?

Unfortunately, we do not provide single-point piercings, otherwise known as dermals or anchors.


Do you offer any piercing specials?

We do offer a buy two piercings, get one for free special on all of our standard piercings. All three piercings need to be done on the same individual, and the "free" piercing will be the least expensive of all of the piercings.

How much are your piercings?

Most of our standard piercings range in price from$30 to $40. All piercings prices include the cost of the standard jewelry (SS 316LVM). Upgrades are always available at an additional cost. Here is our pricing for some of the most common piercings:

Cartilage (Helix) $30     Monroe $40

Conch $60                        Navel $30

Daith $60                        Nipple $50

Earlobe $30                    Nostril $40

Eyebrow $30                    Rook $60

Industrial $60                Septum $80

Labret $40                    Surface $80

Lip $30                          Tongue $30

Medusa $50       Vertical Labret $50

For other prices not listed here, please call us at 702-489-5323

What is the recommended aftercare for a piercing?


Piercing Aftercare


Always begin any aftercare routine by washing your hands with hot water and an antibacterial soap. Rinse completely. Now re-lather your hands with the soap and then lather up your new piercing. It is normal to see white or yellow matter stuck to the jewelry and around the piercing sites. Gently remove this matter with your fingertips or with a Q-tip. Now, spin or rotate the jewelry to make sure it has not

adhered to the skin. Rinse completely. Wash your new piercing two times a day in the beginning; once in the morning and once at night. Do this for at least a month. As the area improves and begins to feel better, taper the frequency of the washing gradually.

It is normal for the area to be sore, swollen, or tender while it is healing. It is also normal to see some discoloration and secretion of dead cells at the piercing site. Tenderness, itchiness, and redness are all common experiences when dealing with a new piercing.

DO NOT touch the piercing with dirty hands!!! Try to ignore the piercing during the day and only touch it during washes.

DO NOT use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any type of ointment on a new piercing.

DO NOT Change out the jewelry until the piercing is fully healed. Keep the jewelry in at all times while healing. If you take it out, the piercing will automatically begin to close.

DO NOT go swimming in public pools for at least a month. Avoid hot tubs, Jacuzzis, or any other body of water, as it may contain bacteria and cause infection.

DO NOT wear clothing that is restrictive to the new piercing. Try to wear loose and comfortable clothing while you are healing to avoid unnecessary trauma to the area.

DO NOT sleep on dirty sheets! Make sure your bedding and pillowcases are clean.

DO NOT allow yourself to become stressed while you are healing. If you eat well and sleep well during the healing process, the length of your heal time will be reduced.

If you feel like your new piercing is taking too long to heal, or if you have any questions about your new piercing, please feel free to email us or call us at 702-489-5323.

What is the recommended aftercare for a new tattoo?


Tattoo Aftercare


Wash your new tattoo within the first few hours of leaving the shop. Always begin every aftercare routine by washing your hands first with hot water and a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse completely. Now re-lather your hands with the soap and then lather up your new tattoo. Wash the tattoo with water as warm as you can stand it and rinse thoroughly. Now rinse the tattoo again with cool water. Air dry the area in front of a fan or a hair dryer on a cool setting. Two to three times a day, apply a very thin coat of Aquaphor or A+D Ointment to the area and rub it in completely. After four or five days of application, begin to use a fragrance free lotion in place of the ointment.

For the first three nights, try to sleep with the tattoo covered with either a bandage or clean clothing, as freshly tattooed skin can adhere to your bedding. If this happens, get the bedding wet and then peel it off of the tattooed area carefully. Then wash and air dry. It is normal for the area to be sore, swollen, or tender while it is healing. Even some bruising can be normal. If you get a foot or ankle tattoo and experience severe swelling, rest and elevate the leg. It is also normal for some of the ink to be expelled during the healing process . The average heal time is around two weeks and can vary depending on the state of your body, your health, and stressors affecting you at the time.

DO NOT scratch at your new tattoo. It is normal for it to itch, as it is a healing wound. But don't scratch the area....if it itches, smack it instead!

DO NOT pick at the healing tattoo!! Expect flaking and scabbing of the tattooed area, as the upper layers of skin are completely shed during the healing process.

DO NOT water soak the tattoo. Avoid swimming pools, water parks, Jacuzzis, large bodies of water, etc. during the healing process.

DO NOT expose the area to the sun while you are healing! Stay out of tanning beds for at least two months after having work done. When you are in the sun after your work is healed, always use the highest SPF you can find. The sun can greatly damage quality tattoo work over time if it is not protected.

DO NOT wear tight or restrictive clothing over the tattoo while it is healing. Instead, try to wear loose and comfortable clothing to avoid unnecessary trauma due to excessive rubbing to the area.

Please contact us via email or call us at 702-489-5323 if you have any questions regarding your new tattoo.


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